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Blended learning programme
"Conscious Leadership and Resilience"

Whether you want to grow your business, make your company stronger, get your division through a crisis, or work on transition for your team, taking your business to the next level means taking your leadership to the next level. It is also impossible to remain sustainable without resilience and innovation.

Two clear programme objectives

Making your leadership capabilities more aware, authentic, resilient, innovative, inspiring and exemplary.

Bringing a transformation in yourself and in your environment. Taking your business venture to a new level.

Solid programme outline

Module #1

In show-up, the first of four modules, you investigate how your inner world shows itself in the outside world. You take a look at the inner programming and you work on accessing new leadership skills through an update of your inner software.

Module #2

In step-up you go to the next stage of leadership. You push the boundaries of your leadership frames of reference. You change gears. It will be an upgrade of your internal operating system, so that from now on a completely new, flexible and more effective inner programming can show itself externally in your leadership.

Module #3

In rise-up you light up your highest form of inner leadership. It is this leadership that keeps you agile and resilient, especially when the going gets tough.

Module #4

In scale-up your leadership will divide and multiply. As a leader you'll inspire new leaders, together you'll find access to collective intelligence and as a leadership team you'll work together generatively.

Stretching the leadership spine

Accessing multiple intelligences

Cognitive intelligence

  • Holding space for seamingly opposites in polarity.
  • Sponsoring leadership dilemmas.
  • Mastering the performance self, the relational self, the understanding self.
  • Actively accepting and humanising what is.
  • Experiencing the human capacity to disconnect (e.g. from the present moment) at the heart of self awareness.

Somatic intelligence

  • Breathing. Flowing. Grounding. Centering. Dropping into center. Holding your center.
  • Archetypal postures, gestures and movements.
  • Scanning and sensing the body.
  • Rhythmic movement practices.
  • Developing the quality of presence.
  • Experiencing challenges and obstacles somatically. Solving problems somatically.

Energetic/field intelligence

  • Opening beyond the somatic and cognitive self.
  • Opening up the witnessing self and the transpersonal field: social, cultural etc.
  • Resonate with archetypical energies.
  • Blending (not clashing) with energies.
  • Disconnection from energies versus meet and greet creative energies.
  • Stopping shadow boxing, decending into shadow and harvesting it's strengths.

Systemic/collective intelligence

  • Respectfully accessing system dynamics and reveiling hidden architectures in relationship systems.
  • Standing in the truth of a system. Opening up another layer of information. Accessing system awareness and wisdom of crowds.
  • Unleashing the creative power of collective intelligence.
  • Connecting, complementing and exploring subtle, new possibilities. Creating beyond the capacities of any of the group members.

Blended learning & development programme

Four blended developmental components

Leadership training

  • Eye-opening conscious leadership teaching by well-trained teacher.
  • Demystifying the compexities.
  • Sharing interesting models, tools and practices.
  • Practicing new skills. Experiencing impact and effect. Gaining new insights based on reference experience.

Leadership coaching

  • Coaching, mentoring, sponsoring the broader spectrum of conscious leadership.
  • Dealing with obstacles, rebounding from adversity, wihstanding challenges.
  • Using the real leadership situations that arise for interventions.
  • Discovering and living a sense of meaning.
  • Inspiring and empowering self and others.

Strategy & leadership consulting

  • Offering proven expertise, assistance and advise.
  • Cristallysing mission, passion and purpose.
  • Envisioning and roadmapping an innovative future.
  • Orchestrating innovation, enhancing fitness for the future.
  • Collaborating and cocreating in workshops.

Moderating development

  • Exploring, observing, overseeing, fair witnessing
  • Uncovering, analysing, interpreting, reporting learners' learning needs, group dynamics and gaps & space for development.
  • Facilitating and guiding the transformative process of shifting and evolving mindsets.
  • Keeping the pulse of conscious leadership development.
  • Tailoring, prioritising, blending and sequencing the other three components to optimise the effectiveness of the development program.

Two blended learning spaces

Off-line space

Physical, regular, in-person, face to face, off-line: on-campus training classrooms, consulting conversations and coaching dialogues. In your company, your training center or off-site.

On-line space

Virtual, digital, screen to screen, on-line training webinars, cam-to-cam consulting conversations and coaching dialogues.

Two blended timing levels


Real-time, synchronous classrooms, consulting conversations and coaching dialogues.


Central repository of pre-recorded, self-paced, non-linearly accessible, focused, short and specific digital video tutorials, training content assets and developmental resources.

Two blended levels of reach


Broad, collaborative learning and development.
In group. Usually 4 up to 12 people. The leadership team. One-to-many.


Personal. One person. You. One-to-one.
Adapted to individual needs.

Three blended shells of learning



  • Models
  • Methods
  • Principles
  • Formats
  • Instrumental maps
  • Roadmaps
  • Demos
  • Knowledge content assets



  • Ways
  • Strategies
  • Tools
  • Workshops
  • Exercises
  • Practices
  • Circles
  • Effects and results



  • Reflections
  • Observations
  • Sharing
  • Resources
  • Self-inquiries
  • Underlying essence
  • Consciousness

Focused on the extended leadershipteam




Senior Directors

Supporting on-line Learning Management System


Your development of
conscious leadership and resilience
in good hands




  • A well-defined, structured, yet highly tailorable modular programme outline.
  • Four modules, with clear learning objectives, together bringing more and more conscious mastery in leadership, innovation and resilience. They build on each other.
  • Interesting models to know and understand, practical tools and exercises to experience and to gain new insights.
  • Addressing conscious leadership and resilience as inseparably connected.


  • A passionate, well-trained teacher that masters and demonstrates the entire progressive trajectory of leadership development and can guide others through it, with an outstanding track record both in executive or boardroom leadership coaching and mentoring and in
    C-suite strategic consulting, and in resilient crisis management
  • Reading the developmental needs of leadershipsteams and moderating their development.
  • Experienced in generative collaboration and collective intelligence to get high performance teams.


  • A heartopening inspirational program founded in the latest insights about adult developmental psychology and in the spectrum of consciousness.
  • Touching the wisdom of the great traditions if and when relevant.
  • Leading you to experiencing and witnessing conscious leadership, by accessing multiple intelligences.
  • Bringing you to use your four brains, for a change!


  • Blended and integrated approach in many perspectives.
  • All in one: leadership training, consulting, coaching and moderating development.
  • Enabling both on-line and off-line learning and communication spaces.
  • Combining the reach of individual and collective development.
  • Live dialogues supported by pre-recorded digital content assets in a userfriendly LMS.


A simple pricing logic

Pricing is based on a daily fee and pre-paid credits.

  • Credit. Individual on-line access to pre-recorded content assets in the learning management system (LMS) consumes pre-paid credits (budget) per learner. These content assets are listed and priced in the LMS catalogue and are updated frequently.
  • Fee. All other combinations are offered at a consistent daily fee rate. Fees are volume sensitive and degressive. For components used in the off-line space, an allowance for travel costs is charged on top.
  • N/A. This offering component is not applicable.

Typical programme time allocations

Share of time spent on 'live' components both on-line and off-line (i.e. excluding time spent in LMS) during the modular learning and development program for conscious leadership and resilience.
Optimising time and costs by maximising collaborative learning and development.

Our customers' testimonials

"I realise that how I show up ripples out into the world around me and others are able to show up differently and be more centered and more grounded."

"I see my role and my share in my problems and how it impacts our team results. Now, I am sensitive for the difference thats really makes the difference."

"I've been given some of the best leadership advice and coaching."

"If I get triggered, I manage much better to stay out of getting reactive and away from experiencing contraction."

"I learned to access more the altruistic parts of myself, the more creative parts. Now I see my team members know that is possible.
By doing so I make a great contribution to our culture going forward."

"We have grown a deep mutual understanding that forms the basis for connection and commitment."

"I have become more able to unlock the hidden potential of others."

"I got great subtitles to what I was doing."

"It became much easier for me run an open dialogue and to have difficult conversations."

"I approach leadership in a completely different way."

"We are really contributing to a community of excellence: more togetherness, more meaningfulness, more sustainability, by putting more emphasis on the human factor: perspectives, interests, feelings, desires."


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